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Business news

How can agricultural big data be established?

Time:2017-12-01 Views:293
People always ask,do we really need big agricultural data?My answer is,yes.For producers,market information is the lifeblood.For marketers,business is far from simple;For urban consumers,many good things are not bought but bought by people who don‘t understand.The big data of agriculture not only directly affect our quality of life,but also benefit farmers to promote agricultural products,and benefit agricultural efficiency and farmers‘ income.
How can agricultural big data be built
The number of users is the key to verifying that big data can form.The irreplaceability,regional characteristics of the agricultural products and administrative force decided to agricultural management main body and the back-end chain extension to carry out data collection,the large data of agriculture can be formed.
At present,agricultural products have entered the buyer‘s market,agriculture needs to revolve around consumption data to make an article.The question is,who do you sell to,how do you sell it,how do you handle it?These problems are more complicated than ride-hailing.But even if it‘s difficult,it‘s a problem.How to break?
First,cater to the public‘s demand for quality and safe agricultural products.Agricultural products have regional and irreplaceable characteristics.Although agricultural products are generally a buyer‘s market,quality safe local produce is still a seller‘s market.The main sales area of most agricultural products in wenzhou city,zhejiang province is local.The first big data comes in the form of relatively fixed consumption and supply.These data are alive and valuable.
Second,control the pesticides and fertilizers.With the introduction of new pesticide regulations,the sale of pesticides and the use of data will become easier and more convenient.This part of the data is the most powerful support for ensuring the quality and safety of agricultural products,which can be verified and complemented with the first batch of data.The key thing is that almost all farmers use pesticides and fertilizers,which is really big data.Add in the data of seed operation,agricultural machine operation and so on,can bring the front end information of produce of produce produce fully reflect.
Third,ask a company to go to the field to collect data,which is also the most commonly used method.Everyone is a consumer,we can combine our consumption demand to find the agricultural supply end.
What the government is going to do
The establishment of large agricultural data cannot be separated from government support.The most effective way to make agricultural products labelling and improve product information is to let farmers know the benefits of labeling.In other words,it‘s about selling good quality produce.
The first step is to sell good produce to the city.Among them,the government should play a better role,including quality control,selection of varieties,organization of the cooperative,logistics distribution and essential publicity.
The second step is to improve the level of the organization and expand the range of varieties.Habit change requires a process.The government should not only teach farmers to put stickers on the label,but also tell them to stick the label,make the brand,and comply with the rules
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