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Business news

The agricultural sector has made a serious fist attack on the agricultural sector

Time:2017-12-01 Views:293
To advancing the field of agricultural capital credit system construction,strengthen the discipline of agricultural materials field serious breach behavior,main body responsibility,to carry out the agricultural materials production operators to ensure the safety of agricultural production and agricultural product quality.Agriculture according to the law of the People‘s Republic of China law of produce quality safety ""law of the People‘s Republic of China"and other agricultural materials management laws,regulations and state regulations,the construction of social credit system of developed severe breach of the agricultural materials field joint disciplinary object list management approach (trial) "(hereinafter referred to as:"method "),released on October 31st.
Since the implementation of the methods in the field of agricultural materials production and operation have serious breach behavior of the enterprise and its legal representative,principal,direct charge and the directly responsible person in charge (hereinafter referred to as: broken),the parties will be included in agricultural materials field serious breach of joint disciplinary object list (hereinafter referred to as: blacklist) publish to the society,at the same time also will be affected by the credit constraints,and the related department to joint punishment.
Which misdeeds would be blacklisted
"Method"regulation,credit deficiency in the field of agricultural materials production and operation have serious breach of the parties,the department of agriculture administration according to law,the administrative penalties and within the statutory time limit does not apply for administrative reconsideration or institute an administrative lawsuit,or judgment finally determine the effectiveness of the administrative reconsideration or court,by the local agricultural administrative departments at or above the county level shall be included in the blacklist.
According to understand,"method"lists six will be blacklisted serious breach behavior,namely: the violation of state regulations,production,sales,production,sales,use prohibited by the state,such as pesticides,veterinary medicine,feed and feed additive inputs;Production and operation of counterfeit and shoddy agricultural products,which caused more than 20,000 yuan of losses to agricultural production;Obtaining relevant qualification documents by the agricultural administrative department for the improper means of cheating,bribery,concealment or providing false materials,or forging or altering the relevant qualification documents;Having revoked or rescinded the qualification documents such as the agricultural production license,business license and product registration certificate;Failing to obtain a license for production and operation of agricultural products in violation of the illegal production and operation of agricultural products;Other serious misbehavior.
The measures also stipulates that the blacklist shall be included in the case of criminal penalties for illegal activities in the production and operation activities of agricultural products or the refusal to perform administrative penalty decisions.
What information will be released on the blacklist
Breach the parties that are attached to the blacklist,a department of agriculture from the farmers credit platform,and the national credit information sharing platform released its relevant information,including the serious breach of production management enterprise name,unified social credit code,registered address,legal representative,principal and the directly responsible person in charge‘s name and id number (id number is not foreign public,similarly hereinafter),the main types of illegal facts,punishment and basis,performance of the way and the time limit,make punishment administrative organ name and the date,etc.;The duration of the joint punishment and other information to be published.
It is worth mentioning,"method"regulation blacklist management work in the field of agricultural materials at the same time,the relevant departments and personnel should strengthen the credibility of personal privacy and information security protection,the parties shall not abuse their powers and deliberately damage to promise the lawful rights and interests of the parties.
Entry to the blacklist will be subject to joint disciplinary action
"Method"regulation,be included in the field of agricultural materials blacklist breach of the parties concerned,by the relevant departments according to "about serious breach of the area of agricultural materials production and business operation entities and their relevant personnel to carry out joint discipline cooperation memorandum to implement joint discipline,including limit obtained or cancel the relevant administrative licensing in accordance with the law;To restrict the acquisition or cancellation of relevant qualifications according to law;It is not allowed to participate in agricultural system recognition awards,qualification identification,policy pilot,government procurement,policy funds and agricultural support projects;To include key regulatory objects,improve supervision and inspection frequency,and expand the scope of product sampling;Within the period of disciplinary punishment,when the uncommitted enterprise produces a new violation,it shall be severely punished in accordance with the law.
Any objection can be appealed to the identification department
According to the "method",the local agricultural administrative departments at or above the county level shall,in accordance with the principle of the penalty,who identified,who announced,responsible for the agricultural capital areas within its jurisdiction the cognizance of the blacklist,published and submitted to the management.The local agricultural administrative departments at or above the county level shall,after preliminary determination blacklist should be fulfilled according to the need to inform or public programs (natural persons jointly disciplinary object was identified as being broken,should be informed in advance).If there is any objection,it shall be verified and handled by the identification department.If there is no objection,it shall be blacklisted after the approval of the department.
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