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Business news

The ministry of agriculture has opened a new chapter of cooperation with the world food programme

Time:2017-12-01 Views:293
In Beijing on November 20th,minister of agriculture han changfu met with visiting the world food programme (WFP),the new executive director David beasley a line,will further strengthen and expand cooperation between the two sides exchanged views on.
Han spoke highly of the WFP‘s outstanding achievements in the eradication of global hunger and malnutrition,and thanked the WFP for its positive contribution to agricultural development and poverty alleviation in China‘s poverty-stricken areas.He pointed out that China‘s ministry of agriculture as the WFP cooperation with China under centralized department,with WFP will further strengthen the partnership,in poverty alleviation poverty reduction,south-south cooperation,human resources innovation cooperation,at the same time support the WFP office building China into a global center of excellence,the development of Chinese agriculture and the industry the concept of poverty alleviation,experience and knowledge spread to more developing countries.
Beasley highly appreciated since China‘s reform and opening up the excellent achievements in poverty reduction and agricultural development,thanked the Chinese government to the WFP in reducing world poverty,provides the strong support of the fight against hunger.The WFP attaches great importance to its cooperation with the Chinese government and is willing to strengthen cooperation with China‘s ministry of agriculture to expand cooperation in poverty alleviation,south-south cooperation,knowledge and human resources cooperation.
Vice minister of agriculture qu dongyu accompanied the meeting.During the talks,dong-yu qu and WFP chief of staff,bashar al-assad,signed the "government of the People‘s Republic of China and the world food programme (WFP) memorandum of understanding on the young professional officials plan,this is the first time the two sides in the history of this kind of cooperation,the future of the Chinese government will send more outstanding young people involved in it.
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