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Chinese medicinal materials testing

Chinese herbal medicine residue test

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Shenzhen Huaboyan Biology Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional engaged in Chinese herbal medicine and biotechnology product development and testing of agricultural and sideline products,the company has a group of skilled team of returnees from overseas study 2,3 senior technical titles,90% staff have master‘s,doctorate,and engaged in related products research and development,the industrialization of work.At the same time have international first-class inspection and testing equipment and laboratory.
Our goal is for Chinese herbal medicine and protect the safety of agricultural and sideline products,focus on human health,committed to the health products research and development and promotion,set up a national benchmarking brand in the world.We attaches great importance to investment in the area of scientific research and exchanges and cooperation with famous scientific research institutions at home and abroad,and the institute of tsinghua university in shenzhen established a strategic cooperative relations,tsinghua university institute of testing center and shenzhen exclusive authorized to promote detection and traceability system to establish the business.
We will insist on "making safe products,casting healthy body,tree name brand".We firmly believe that under the care and support of all parties,huoba will do better!

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