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Industry information

Food safety comes out of the pipe

Time:2017-12-01 Views:294
The newly revised food safety law has been in operation for a year,and the new law has put forward more stringent requirements on accountability and standards,and its implementation has become the focus of recent social attention.To ensure the implementation of the new law,to ensure the "safety of the tongue of the people",the key is to ensure the standardization and strengthen management.
Food safety,is "tube"come out.Only by cracking down on food safety crime can food safety be guaranteed.The focus of food regulators should also be in the area of production and circulation.To carry out a variety of special inspection and special inspection and overhaul,key inspection and daily inspection,regular inspection and regular check,regular reminders,regular supervision,regular check,regular prevention,so as to the maximum to avoid the occurrence of food safety problems.At the same time,the food supervision department should improve the supervision network at the grass-roots level to form a regulatory network system "up and down and in line"to achieve full coverage of food safety supervision.
In the daily supervision of food production,detailed and scientific management should be carried out.The food regulatory authorities may be able to manage the classification of the risk of food safety according to the area of the object being inspected.For example,childcare facilities,small convenience stores around the school can be classified as the first grade,with key inspection and long-term monitoring.The small workshop or mobile vendor that produces bulk food is determined to be the second grade,with regular inspection and fixed point monitoring;Some units of large scale,management norms and good reputation can be determined as the third level and carry out regular inspections.According to the different levels,the corresponding management measures should be developed,and the "electronic files"should be established for each unit to implement the informationization management,so as to improve the effectiveness of the supervision,and achieve the effect of half the effort.Regulatory responsibilities at the same time,will be implemented to the people,and formulate the food safety law enforcement flowcharts,standardize the procedures of law enforcement,strengthen the consciousness of initiative service,a sound system of supervision and inspection of each work,set up post responsibility system,service commitment system,performance evaluation and a series of rules and regulations,make the management requests to various aspects of food production,transportation and consumption.
Food safety involves many professional fields,and the management of refinement,scientization and standardization will be ensured by first-class management,equipment and team.To pay special attention to equipped with professional equipment,the introduction and update work,through lectures and training,strengthen the law enforcement team construction,improve inspectors professional knowledge,practice a pair of good at discovering problems "critical".If we can use "the most rigorous standards,strict regulation,the most severe punishment,the most serious accountability"to do a good job of food safety regulation,the new "food safety"can truly implement.
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