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Industry information

The ministry of agriculture moderately guided the organic food industry with conditions to accelerate development

Time:2017-12-01 Views:295
May 22-24,the eighth China international organic food expo held in Shanghai,the ministry of agriculture agricultural products quality and safety supervision bureau of Ma Aiguo at the opening ceremony,points out that organic agriculture in compliance with the principles of sustainable development,in most countries worldwide attention,has become the protection of ecological environment,reduce the pollution of chemical a beneficial practice.Both domestic organic food industry development in the future,according to the principle of "adjust measures to local conditions,pay attention to the ecological"steady progress,and to moderate guidance,encourage conditional industry to speed up the development,in particular to strengthen the supervision of organic food,adhere to the "output"and "tube"hands are hard,ensure the healthy development of organic food industry.
It is reported that in recent years in the government‘s reasonable guidance,under the strong pull of market demand,relying on the ecological conditions in parts of organic food industry in China,environmental advantage and resource characteristics,maintain a rapid development momentum,has become a vibrant and growing sunrise industry.In the green China organic food certification center as the main drivers of organic agriculture development in our country,by the end of 2013 731 certified organic food enterprises,product 3081,certification area of 26.447 million mu,the annual sales of 13.48 billion yuan,exports $20 million;There are 14 certified overseas enterprises and 86 products.In the routine monitoring of the "three products and one standard"organized by the ministry of agriculture,the organic food certified by China green huaxia was 100% qualified for five consecutive years.
Here at the 2014 international symposium on China‘s organic food market and development,domestic and foreign experts on organic food development policies and regulations,market development trend,the Chinese and foreign organic trade,culture and health life,organic circulation made a comprehensive analytical techniques,such as market analysis and development.
It is understood that the organic food market in China has become the trade development of all countries,particularly developed countries organic goals,international companies by providing professional fair platform,actively promote products,carefully nurtured the market.The expo attracted 325 production companies from 16 countries and regions including Germany,France,the United States,Denmark,Austria,Portugal and South Korea.
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