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Industry information

The ministry of agriculture organizes the autumn grain harvest action to strengthen the service science

Time:2017-12-01 Views:293
According to the ministry of agriculture website,the bulk of food production is in autumn grain,and the key is in disaster prevention and reduction.In response to this year‘s mid-level el nino event in China,the department of agriculture is planning for a rainy day with an early plan to organize and carry out "efforts to improve the harvest of autumn grain by strengthening service science".
According to the China meteorological administration forecast,this year China will appear above medium intensity of el nino events,autumn may appear cold rainy south,the north may appear QiuHan,northeast may early frost in the early time,is not conducive to ZhongWanDao southern and northern autumn grain yield formation,the disaster and striving for a bumper harvest of a difficult task.
According to the ministry of agriculture planting industry management controller introduces,"autumn grain harvest action"will be in an effort to disaster reduction production,maximum limit to reduce disaster losses as the goal,strengthen classified guidance,to promote science and disaster relief,to promote growth,advance prematurity,prevent drought,floods,and anti high temperature thermal pollution,prevent chilling damages,pests and disease prevention "two 4 -"for the technical path,highlight key areas,the main crop,the key link,to strengthen the guidance services and manufacturing.through,a keep,to pay special attention to the implementation of disaster prevention and mitigation measures to win the initiative of autumn grain harvest.
To ensure the achievement of the "harvest action"target,the ministry of agriculture will organize the working group to dig into the northeast autumn grain,the yellow huaihai summer corn and the southern middle and late rice production areas,and urge the inspection of all measures to be carried out.At the same time,according to different crop growth and development process and major disaster situation,organization expert technical guidance,set points area,crop and key areas and areas,to carry out technical training and the tour guide.To concentrate on 8216 department of agriculture high-yielding corn,rice,potato create ShiFanPian research pioneer and 60 production mode,adjust measures to local conditions organization to carry out various forms of the scene view and technology exchange activities,demonstration mode of high yield and efficient technology in driving widespread implementation.
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