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Industry information

The national policy-based food security hidden dangers of food security will be launched

Time:2017-12-01 Views:293
The reporter learns from the state grain bureau,the national development and reform commission,the state grain bureau,ministry of finance,the agricultural development bank of China recently issued notice,from August to December,across the country to carry out the policy of food security hidden danger big screen,fast curing and strict law enforcement action.
Notice,points out that China‘s grain harvest for years,high inventory,local governments,relevant departments and collection and storage enterprises continuously strengthening the management of food stocks and played an important role to ensure national food security.But some of the food purchasing and responsibility not to carry out the business management subject,some local government related regulatory responsibility implementation does not reach the designated position,some local food management departments supervision law enforcement power does not adapt,food safety management risks and illegal problems,industry regulation are "blind Angle"and "blind spots".
In accordance with relevant provisions of the notice,the focused action is divided into enterprise of self-check,local authorities to spot check,the supervision of the relevant state departments to check,summary report the situation and renovation "look back"of the February 5 stage,focus on safety and safety production,grain storage policy rent warehouse and entrusted purchase and storage of grain,the implementation of national grain purchase policy,national policy grain sales outbound,central grain reserves management,local grain reserves management in six aspects,such as the problems of potential safety hazard to conduct a comprehensive screening and treatment,and comprehensive compacting grain storage in the minimum purchase price and grain storage in the head office of policy implementation main body responsibility,food enterprise operation and management of the main body responsibility,apanage supervision responsibility of local government,food and other departments of industry regulatory responsibilities,eliminate the potential risks,keep mind "the granary"in the world.
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