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Policy and regulations

Improve food safety from national conditions

"Food safety"revision of attention by the whole society,23 solstice on June 27,Beijing on the 12th session of the 9th meeting of the standing committee of th...

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To discuss the legal issues of food safety

Food safety is an important issue in relation to the people‘s livelihood and affects the public‘s nerves.China has promulgated the food safety law,which pla...

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The choice of food legislation mode and its influence

Food safety is a worldwide problem.Since the beginning of the new century,food legislation has been strengthened in the international community in order to im...

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How will the food industry be affected?

On May 1,the implementation of the tax reform on value-added tax was implemented in a comprehensive way,which expanded to the construction,real estate,finan...

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Beijing revised food drug case lead to report reward method

On May 18,2016,the internal staff of the production and operation unit or the personnel in the food and drug industry to report the safety of food and drug wi...

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Smooth "execution connection"maintenance of food safety

Maintain the food and drug safety is promoting the modernization of national management system and management ability important embodiment of build smooth cohes...

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