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Policy and regulations

Beijing revised food drug case lead to report reward method

Time:2017-12-01 Views:293
City food drug administration emergency management office director Meng Desheng introduction,incentives for a version of the report,said the report reward shall conform to the six basic conditions,including "to report cases of illegal behaviors belong to may lead to public health and life safety hazard".In this revision,the condition was deleted.
Meng Desheng explained that some clues to report,such as food labels do not conform to the corresponding national standards,though not necessarily lead to danger to public health and life safety consequences,but incompliance standard will bring some risk to food safety hidden trouble,so the revision will report such clues are also included in the scope reward."Because of the enhanced operability,we will be able to give a minimum of 200 yuan to some of the latest cases that have been included in the reporting awards."
The whistle-blower won‘t get a spot bonus
New measures for reporting illegal illegal to produce and use of food additives,the production of fake and shoddy food and drug underground "black sites","black mills such as personnel,as well as the production and business operation entity internal report or the food and drug industry,raise the reward amount.
Meng Desheng said,in order to protect such people personal safety and enhance the personage inside course of study initiative and enthusiasm of the report,the new way to change the "whistleblowers can only to 31st"requirement,whistle-blowers not 31st and no client,can be written instructions and provide the bank account and a copy of id card,appointed by the reporting incentives department shall remit the bonus account.
If the informant is in the field or even abroad,he can find the illegal clues and report the information through the Internet,and the whole process of reporting to receiving the prize can not be obtained from law enforcement.
New methods Meng Desheng said,although increased the account designated by the report shall remit bonus reward department,we still will keep secret strictly for whistle-blowers,not in any way public prosecutor name,residence,work unit or other identity information,offenders will be about liability shall be pursued in accordance with the law.
No penalty can be awarded
In the new method,there are two types of situations where there is no administrative penalty and can be awarded to the report.One is that the case has been transferred to the public security organ,and the public security organ has officially accepted the case,and the food and drug administration department may make a decision on the facts of the report,and propose a reward.Second,it is true that illegal facts exist and the social impact is bad,and the law enforcement authorities timely stop illegal ACTS or remove illegal ACTS,and they can also be used to reward them.
If part of the unlicensed food and beverage operator is attached to the illegal construction,as the illegal construction is removed,the illegal act is banned according to law.In this regard,the case department will make a written statement about the enforcement effect of the comprehensive control of the unlicensed food and beverage.
It is understood that in 2015 the city bonuses to report out of nearly 200000 yuan,including 9 report categories into more concentrated in the food category,medical apparatus and instruments class average piece bonus,the largest up to 32800 yuan,cosmetics report sheet bonusgiven reached 60000 yuan.
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