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Policy and regulations

Improve food safety from national conditions

Time:2017-12-01 Views:293
"Food safety"revision of attention by the whole society,held in Beijing,June 23 to 27 in the 12th session of the 9th meeting of the standing committee of the National People‘s Congress,one of the important agenda is the review of the state council for the first time to review the draft amendments to the "food safety law"(hereinafter referred to as "").Chen zemin,the three founder of the three-term National People‘s Congress elected as the representative of the National People‘s Congress,also made Suggestions and comments at the meeting.
Highlights: tougher laws are being implemented
Food safety is a worldwide problem,and food safety incidents in foreign countries are endless.But in China,the importance attached to food safety by the party and the state is unprecedented.Food safety is not only the people‘s livelihood,social problems and political problems,the major responsibility of the party and the government,will be food safety to a political level,this also is unique in the world.
Since the implementation of the food safety law on June 1,2009,the food safety law has played a major role in promoting the healthy development of the food industry.After four years,and the big change,fully shows the party and the country‘s high sense of responsibility and sense of mission to protect the safety of people‘s diet,believe that the modified "food safety"will be more perfect sound.
The submitted draft can be said to be "the most severe"laws in the world: prevention,risk prevention in the first,set up the whole process of strict supervision system,established the strictest possible system for the legal responsibility,and the production management enterprise with the most severe punishment system,the malfeasance of local government officials and supervision department also implemented the most serious accountability,for some testing department has also implemented the most severe system of accountability.These are a big step forward.
The draft submitted has been consulted on various aspects of society,made a lot of changes,and at the same time discussed how to make this law really carry out.
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