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Policy and regulations

Smooth "execution connection"maintenance of food safety

Time:2017-12-01 Views:284
Maintain the food and drug safety is promoting the modernization of national management system and management ability important embodiment of build smooth cohesive mechanism of the food and drug administrative law enforcement and criminal justice is the important content of central comprehensively deepen reform.On December 22,2015,the ministry of public security,the state food and drug supervision bureau,the supreme people‘s procuratorate,the supreme people‘s court,the food safety committee office of the state council jointly issued the food and drug administrative law enforcement and criminal justice cohesion measures for the work,and come into force from the date of release.The method has been in effect for more than half a year,what has been achieved?What positive role does it play in combating food and drug crime?Recently,the reporter interviewed the public security bureau deputy director hua jingfeng.
It aims to crack down on the problem of solving crimes against food and drug crime
Q: please brief us on the background of the drafting of the measures?
A: in recent years,in view of the field of food and drugs endangering the people‘s livelihood highlight the serious situation of crime,according to the central deployment,the ministry of public security has centralized organization to carry out the "play four black anti-pest"table "to crack down on the crime of food to defend safety"and a series of special operation,the target to produce "gutter oil""clenbuterol""dead pig""poison capsule"and so on the prominent criminal activities,effectively maintain people‘s life safety and health.
Since 2011,more than 30,000 cases of food and drug cases have been solved by public security organs nationwide.However,these cases belong to the administrative law enforcement department to transfer only a small proportion,the execution connection problem is relatively outstanding.The public security organs and many administrative law enforcement departments have established a better coordination mechanism,but the cases are still outstanding.
The party central committee and the state council attach great importance to this.Clearly put forward the fourth plenary session of the party‘s 18,"administrative law enforcement and criminal justice cohesion mechanism,perfect the case is transferred for standards and procedures,establish the administrative law enforcement organs and public security organs,procuratorial organs,judicial system,information sharing,reported the case,the case is transferred for resolutely overcome in case not to move,difficult to move,to fine punishment phenomenon,to realize the seamless docking"administrative penalties and criminal penalties,and included in the important content of deepening reform in the central.Among them,the reform of administrative law enforcement and criminal justice connection in food and drug administration is clearly led by the general administration of food and drug administration and the ministry of public security.Out a "method"is,as it were,earnestly implement the general secretary xi about "the four most strict"maintain food and drug safety should be the important instructions,is to complete the relevant reform inevitable requirement of the project,and break the public security organ to crack down on the crime of the food and drug law enforcement case problem,improve hit the important measures to manage the food and drug crime ability.
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