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Policy and regulations

The choice of food legislation mode and its influence

Time:2017-12-01 Views:293
Food safety is a worldwide problem.Since the beginning of the new century,food legislation has been strengthened in the international community in order to improve the capacity and level of food governance.Law is the most important thing in statecraft,and good law is the precondition for good governance.In food legislation,the choice of legislative model is the most basic,which has great influence on the design of legal system and the practice of food governance.
I.food legislation pattern
Selection considerations
(I) three legislative modes
Throughout the world,food legislation mode can be divided into three categories: the first is the comprehensive legislation pattern,namely law passed,on important issues related to food,such as food safety,food quality,food hygiene,food and nutrition problems,such as unity,comprehensive and systematic rules.The federal food and drug and cosmetic act,which was enacted in the United States in 1938;China‘s regulations on supervision and administration of dairy quality in 2008.The second type is the factor - type legislative model,which means that the items related to food are separately regulated through different laws.The food safety act of 2009 and the food safety and standard act promulgated by India in 2006.The third category is the hybrid legislative model.That is,through the combination of legislation and elements legislation.Japan promulgated the food hygiene law in 1947,and the basic law on food safety was promulgated in 2003.
(ii) three basic concepts
The choice of food legislation mode depends on the different cognitive status of food hygiene,food safety,food quality and other concepts.
1.Food hygiene
Food sanitation is an early concept in the international community.In 1984 the world health organization in the role of the food safety in health and development ","food hygiene"is defined as: "the production,processing,storage,distribution,and in the process of making food to ensure food safety and reliable,healthy and fit for human consumption of all kinds of necessary conditions and measures".The world health organization in 1996 "to strengthen the national food security plan"will "food hygiene"is defined as "to ensure food safety and applicability in all stages of the food chain all the conditions and measures must be taken".In 2003 the United Nations food and agriculture organization (fao) and the world health organization in the guarantee food safety and quality: strengthening national food control system guide,noted in "food hygiene means taken on all links in the food chain to ensure food safety and appropriate packaging for necessary conditions and measures".
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