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Policy and regulations

To discuss the legal issues of food safety

Time:2017-12-01 Views:293
Food safety is an important issue in relation to the people‘s livelihood and affects the public‘s nerves.China has promulgated the food safety law,which plays an important role in safeguarding food safety.However,the problem of food safety is still quite prominent in reality.We should continue to improve laws and regulations on food safety,strengthen supervision,and provide safe and safe food for the public.
There are insufficient food safety laws in China
In recent years.Growing food safety incidents,which indicates that China‘s food regulations exist loophole,with only a new food safety law,food safety is not enough to protect citizens,should strengthen the supervision of food safety,perfect the laws and regulations on food safety,increase food crime crackdown.
(I) there are long law enforcement problems.At present,the main body of China‘s food safety law enforcement is the phenomenon of long law enforcement,and the departments of health,quality supervision,industry and commerce have corresponding enforcement powers in the production,processing and circulation of food.How to coordinate the administrative enforcement powers of various departments without explicit provisions.At the same time,due to the unsound laws and regulations,there are legal vacuum in some areas,and the law enforcement departments have no right to interfere,so that some illegal traders have a chance.
(2) the illegal costs are too low.The food safety law stipulates that producers or sellers who knowingly produce or sell food that is not in line with food safety standards can claim ten times as much compensation.This provision is seen as an effective protection against the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.But the actual effect of the provision is far from legislative.Ten times the indemnity clause is undeniably deterrent,but ten times the amount of compensation in practice is not enough to deter the offender.Illegal due to the illegal cost is low,can the benefits are far higher than the cost of illegal,and consumers has certain costs for protection of rights,but it can get the compensation is often not as good as costs for protection of rights,therefore,the will of the consumer rights protection is not strong,objectively also indulge the offender.
(3) lack of detailed rules for the food recall system.In the food safety law,the food recall system was first stipulated and the principle of the regulation was made.But too general a prescribed scope,lack of operational rules,so far,still not form a complete set of measures,this leads to lack of law enforcement in law enforcement procedure,influence law enforcement effect.To this day,the food recall system has not been effectively exercised and has not played its due role in the design of the system.
(4) local government protectionism still exists.Local government often considers from economic Angle,connive substandard food enterprises to produce,sell food that does not meet food safety standard.Local governments are not actively carrying out regulatory responsibilities,leading some enterprises to act unwillfully and to maximize the benefits of enterprises and to disregard the public health.Local governments,in the light of immediate interests,ignore their responsibilities.
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